Because your plants can’t grow themselves.

Aeroponics DIY is here to help take your aeroponics system to the next level.



I will show you how to use space age technology in gardening to grow bigger, faster, and cleaner plants with aeroponics.

But before I do, let’s talk about this website. Let me tell you my story, why I’m so passionate about aeroponics, and why I want to share it with you.


Living busy lives and finding time to garden is a challenge. It’s for me and I bet it’s for you too. If you have the passion, aeroponics will make gardening easier for you to fit it in your busy schedule.

We’ll share how to put your garden on self-control, you know like auto pilot growing. Aeroponics gives us that flexibility.

We’ll cover not just aeroponics but the whole genre of growing now and into the future.

Things like:
– Vertical farming,
– Finding and growing for health and healing.
– We’ll talk business sometimes on aeroponics diy. How to make a profit selling your produce? How to set prices? Permits you might need to obtain to run a vegetable produce business.
– And definitely there will be technical things like the best nutrients to use, seed selection, wireless controllers and so on.
– Aeroponics is great for indoor gardening, urban growers, tight patio spaces, roof top growers, aeroponics is light weight compared to any other forms of gardening, less stress on roof loads.
– High pressure aeroponics can be retrofitted to run off the grid due to its low power use.

Remember, this is the only place to get all of your true aeroponic needs, and hear and learn from fellow aeroponic gardeners on our Podcasts.

Back to my story

My parents moved to Hawaii when I was just 2 months old. So for most of my childhood years I lived in a place of paradise like surroundings, mountains that cliff to heights to reach the vast blue heavens above. There is the symphony sound of waterfalls, dancing rain, and bubbling springs.

The land is covered with lush velvet green ferns, plants, flowers, and palms that waved in the warm sunset breeze.

Oh, the romantic scents and smells that fill the air, they invite you in and make you feel calm.

I lived when sugar cane plantations gave its sweetness from the valley floors of neighboring mountains.

I lived when pineapple fields populate in the shadows of the red soil of volcanic minerals.

I experienced the food, the culture, and the love of the islands.

Even though I’m not Hawaiian by blood, I’m Hawaiian by heart. Hawaii is me and part of me.

Gardening is easy?

Because of the tropical setting, lots of sunshine, many days of rain, and mineral rich soil, gardens in Hawaii almost grow themselves. Okay, I was spoiled.

Not until I moved to California did I learn of the challenges of growing strawberries and having a garden. In Hawaii if I wanted a banana, I picked it. If I wanted a mango, I picked it. I wanted papaya, I picked it: guava, mountain apples, onions, ti-leaves, peppers, greens. I plant, it grew, and I ate. It was literally that easy.

Well here in California, I plant, it grew, and then it died before harvest. Weeds took over once. Bugs and pests invaded another time.

Deers and moles destroyed my gardens next. No fencing kept them out. If anything survived, the birds finished it off.

I fought frost, heat, drought, and heavy rains. It was just a no-win situation for a weekend gardener like me.

So I lost the desire to have a garden. However, I enjoy working with technology, and I do hold several degrees and diplomas in computer science and electronics.

Here and then I would read articles published by NASA. One of their papers described how they were growing food in outer space for their astronauts using Aeroponics.

I researched aeroponics. I learned NASA used high-pressure aeroponics to produce a fine mist of a droplet size of 50 um to grow fresh lettuce faster than any other gardening technique.

Aeroponics benefits

There are many benefits to aeroponics.

– Faster growth of 3 to 5 times faster than conventional growing in soil. Lettuce for instance, you can grow it from seed to harvest in 70 to 90 days. While aeroponically growing would take just 25 to 30 days. So for everyone crop with conventional gardening, you could have 3 crops with aeroponics in the same amount of time. That’s incredible!

– Huge water savings: Aeroponics uses 95% less water than conventional gardening. Right now California is in a serious drought. Just look at the Nevada Sierra mountain ranges. In 2013, the ranges were covered with snow. Now today 2014-2015 there is little no snow cover. It’s depressing. Just imagine the water savings with aeroponics, as well as having no run-off like conventional gardening.

– Plants are healthier, and tastier with enhanced flavanoids.

Plants need oxygen to grow. That’s right! You weren’t told the whole story.

Roots need oxygen

It’s true plants produce oxygen through the process of photosynthesis and light.

However, this only applies to the plant section above ground exposed to sunlight. For the roots to grow and to take in nutrients from the soil, they need oxygen.

You heard right, OXYGEN. Roots use ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to process energy by respiration.

Roots must use oxygen to burn energy by respiration, just as a fire needs oxygen to create a hot flame. Without oxygen, even if the energy is there like firewood, it won’t burn without oxygen.

Roots are the same, even if nutrients are near the root hairs, they won’t use it without oxygen.

Roots need some oxygen to function. That’s why drowning your soil with too much water can kill your plant because your roots are literally suffocating.

And guess what? Aeroponics supply all the oxygen the roots can use plus more.

These are just some of the benefits of aeroponics. There are so much more…

Why are we not doing aeroponics?

So I asked? If aeroponics is such a good thing, why is not everyone doing it? And what I discovered boils down to two main reasons.

  1. It’s just too complicated and
  2. It’s way too expensive.

It’s been said that NASA can afford to grow a $4,000.00 tomato; however, we want to grow a 40 cent tomato.

Well, I love this type of a challenge. I wanted to garden and I love technology. So I combined my two interests to create an aeroponics system that’s affordable.

My offer to you

I will provide the information you need, here at aeroponics DIY dot com, about aeroponics. You’ll learn all you need to know on how to build and run a successful aeroponics system.

Now if you’re serious about aeroponic systems and want to get on the fast track, be sure to enroll in my free course on “How to build your own high pressure aeroponics system.”


I will not just tell you, but SHOW you step by step, how to build your own system. And remember you are getting my special dependable design.

I love aeroponics and have a strong passion to make it more reliable, more automated, and more accessible to you.

Now everyone can be a gardener or an innovative farmer. High pressure aeroponic systems weigh less than 40 pounds, uses less nutrients, there’s no pesticides, no fungicides or herbicides.

Real healthy Fast Food

Aeroponics is truly “Healthy Fast Food”. Your produce will be fresh, clean, and safe with fast growth.

So I invite you to enroll in my free course and join our email list. Never miss any future updates.

Together we will continue with the development, improvement, collaboration, and updating of our true high pressure aeroponics system.