Because your plants can’t grow themselves.

Aeroponics DIY is here to help take your aeroponics system to the next level.

Airgrow Aeroponics Growing Tower

Revolutionary aeroponic vertical  growing system

AirGrown is a new aeroponics company that has developed the Airgown tower. The grow tower is a closed-loop system in a vertical stand. The vertical tower sits on a reservoir containing water and a plant nutrient solution which is misted on the plant’s roots.

Thirty plant sites

The tower has dedicated “plant sites” allowing 30 separate plants to grow on a single vertical column. Since neither soil nor growing medium is used there is nothing for weeds to grow. Spraying with herbicides is not necessary and no toxic chemicals are left on the produce.

Vertical growing systemThe inventor

Robert Scott Simmons from Indiantown of Florida is the inventor of Airgrow towers. The patent for the system was filed on September 11, 2009 and granted on July 24, 2012.

Mother helped me

After creating early models that worked, but about which his mother said he needed a better design, he eventually built the now patented aeroponics system. It includes a tower with conical tiers to house plants, a liquid nutrient reservoir, a pump to transport the nutrients and a power supply.

“Rrobert’s mom said it was too ugly and tall originally, so I created a personal garden system specifically designed for her,” he says. “She loves it and still plays with it every day.”

The business

Simmons’ residential aeroponics unit can hold 30 plants and a industrial version fits 60 per cubic yard. He’s marketing the towers through his business, Airgrow.

“Aeroponics offers much better solutions for growing food—you get away from herbicides and you can use organic pesticides,” he says. “We have to stop poisoning the Earth and ourselves. This opens the door for new science at a time when it’s definitely needed. Aeroponics is how we’re going to feed ourselves.”

Followed NASA in aeroponics

Robert’s AirGrown tower is a revolutionary vertical aeroponic plant growing system that provides economic benefits to the farming industry. Using aeroponic technology developed by NASA, the AirGrown system uses no growing medium and grows the root systems in a fine mist. With the AirGrown vertical aeroponic growing system plants can grow up to 45% faster than traditional farming methods.

Vegatables cleaner, tastier

Robert’s plants yield cleaner, safer, tastier, and more aromatic produce. The AirGrown vertical tower is engineered to maximize food production in the smallest horizontal footprint and can be established in difficult or harsh environments where growing produce is hard or too expensive.

Good job Robert

My comment is that I’m happy for Robert. I am sure you invested much time and money in developing the Airgrow tower. My question for you is how affordable is your system for the struggling family fighting to feed their family healthy when junk food is cheaper.