Because your plants can’t grow themselves.

Aeroponics DIY is here to help take your aeroponics system to the next level.

The Right Place for Your Aeroponics System

Site Selection for your aeroponics system

Give careful consideration to the following macro environmental parameters and conditions. A lack of any of these environment conditions or parameters can hinder the system to grow plants in air.


Based on the variety of plants you want to grow, try to find a place of eight to 16 hours of adequate lighting. Ask yourself, would a potted plant grow at this site? If the answer is yes to these questions, it is highly probable the site is suitable for your aeroponics system. If lighting is an issue, be prepared to supplement it with grow lights.

Your light source should provide a light spectrum suitable for growing indoor plants. Aim for eight hours (minimum) to 16 hours of light. Most research finds this to be a good range. Remember lighting times may need to be adjusted based on the growing stage of the plant.

Continuous lighting can help to increase plant growth. This might seem strange to us humans who sleep, but the light can be left on for 24 hours without harming most plants. Place the light source close to the plants but in a position that will not overheat the plant or cause dry out. Stay away from hot lamps that could cause fires. As the plants gain in size, relocate the light source to stay just above the foliage canopy.

Water Source:

Use distilled or RO (reverse osmosis) water only. Stay far away from using spring or drinking water. Have a gallon on hand for topping-off your system when needed. Definitely, DO NOT use well water or tap water, their contents my cause variations in the aeroponic water solutions’ chemistry. If possible store the water in a dark place, away from sun-light.

Air movement:

Is there air movement suitable for growing plants? It has been proven that plants do better in a light breeze than very stable stagnant air.


If you anticipate that pests are going to be a problem (such as white flies, spider mites and aphids), use a vapor shield and a natural
liquid biocontrols. Use Clorox for disinfecting all your tools and containers prior to adding to your aeroponic system.
If you have outdoor pets that have access to your home, realize they have the potential to be a carrier for introducing problems to your system.


The temperature range for fast growth is 72° (minimum) to 86°F (22.2° -30 °C). Excessive temperatures may dehydrate the plants.
It is important to keep in mind that, as in nature, low temperatures will delay plant growth, and higher temperatures will accelerate it.

Moisture Levels:

Seeds and plants require different moisture levels than some others. The spray interval (period between sprays) and duration (spray period)
should be properly set. These parameters will vary between plant species. Moisture levels will also need adjustments during the stages of plant growth. The progression is normally more moisture at the start of the growth cycle to less as your plants reach maturity.

Review – The ideal environment for the aeroponics system is:

· Photo Period range: 8 to 16 hours of light
· Room Temperature range: 72°F (22.2°C) to 86°F (30°C)
· Light Source: Artificial (grow lights) or sunlight or combination, continuous if feasible
· Sanitation: Keep it clean and pest free
· Moisture levels: Adjust as plant reaches maturity.